Project Description

When Pepsi wanted to build out an existing warehouse into a new, larger facility, they called Emerald Construction Management. The space had previously been designated for a 10,000-square-foot employee fitness center, and several elements of that fitness center were in place and needed to be altered. The project began with the demolition of an existing cast for four racquetball courts that had been built 19 inches into the ground. The concrete walls for that racquetball courts had to be removed and backfilled to grade the area so it would match the new warehouse build-out. Emerald demolished one half of the existing running track that had been poured in place. It was 16 feet wide, suspended approximately 16 feet in the air, and attached to an existing concrete wall.

The new build out includes expanded warehouse space, a 2,600-square-foot forklift repair shop with a wash-down bay, and a 3,800-square-foot battery charging room. Built to hazard room specifications, the battery charging room houses the racking for an automatic charging system to recharge all of Pepsi’s battery-operated forklifts and pallet trucks. The room also includes an automatic ventilation system that is hooked up to a new generator, also installed by Emerald. We added automatic rolling fire doors along with connections to the generator system so that all fire detection and prevention measures would be backed up by generator power.

To complete the project, Emerald constructed and installed approximately 100 feet of new, 25-foot-high, pre-cast concrete exterior walls. We also designed and poured new foundation walls to support the new pre-cast wall panels. Emerald designed and installed new lighting and a new fire sprinkler system, and plumbed a new main line for the wash-down bay.

Client: Pepsi Beverages Company
Project Value: $1 million
Completed on schedule