Project Description

The project consisted of upgrading fire sprinkler systems to meet current code, installing smoke and heat ventilation units where required by the fire department, and updating evacuation plans as well as fire department control panels. Emerald also built three new H3 chemical control rooms for storage of flammable and corrosive material. We designed each chemical control room to act as a separate building inside the plant, capable of containing spilled chemicals and up to 30 minutes of fire sprinkler water. The design and implementation of these containment systems saved the client millions of dollars in construction-related cost while satisfying the local fire department requirements. Collaborating with code-compliance experts from the local fire department, we invested a substantial amount of time into design, employing fire engineers, mechanical engineers, structural engineers and architects to make sure the project ran as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Emerald completed all work at the facility while normal production ran uninterrupted and without any loss time.

Client: Pepsi Beverages Company
Project Value: $900,000
Each phase completed ahead of schedule