Successful Construction Begins and Ends with Effective Project Management

Effective construction is all about the proper management of time, resources and people. Emerald’s project management services start with a realistic and efficient schedule. Calling on our extensive experience in this field, we create detailed timelines and share them with each member of the project team, highlighting key milestones and a firm completion date. From there, communication with all parties is critical. We routinely update our clients, construction partners, subcontractors and other team members to make sure everyone is on the same page. We also set up weekly management meetings with our clients to provide updates and assimilate feedback.

For every project, we assign a skilled project manager who specializes in the client’s industry. Our project managers work closely with the design team, client and onsite staff to ensure adherence to project goals. The project managers collaborate with Emerald’s experienced onsite superintendents to ensure effective management of subcontractors and suppliers, and to maintain the construction schedule.

Elements of our construction project management include:

  • Construction scheduling
  • Owner, architect and contractor meetings
  • Document control
  • Contractual management
  • Vendor qualification and insurance monitoring
  • Project cost containment
  • Construction supervision
  • Municipality regulation adherence, including permitting, inspections and occupancy documentation
  • Occupancy planning and management
  • Close-out documentation and warranty information